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  • Vix Technology acquires Osmotion

    Posted by: Peter Collins

    Melbourne, November 17, 2015 – Osmotion Pty Ltd has been acquired by Vix Technology, a global leader in smart ticketing and payment technology solutions, to strengthen its remote workforce management and resources/mining village service … more

  • The Big 2: Optimisation & Utilisation

    Posted by: Peter Collins

    At a recent Mining Industry conference, it was hard to escape the words: Optimisation and Utilisation.

    But, are they just today's Buzz Words?

    They were consistently the big two “value drivers”, discussed in most conference … more

  • Optimising your Workforce

    Tags: Austmine, Workforce Management Software

    Posted by: Peter Collins

    Following another week of publicity about the effect of Iron Ore price levels, Peter Collins was approached by Austmine for comments on the Hot Topic of Workforce Logistics Efficiency. Austmine is the peak industry body in Australia for the mining … more

  • Secrets of Business Travel

    Tags: Transport Logistics

    Posted by: Andrew Barr

    GBTA Energy, Resources & Marine Symposium 2014 | Houston

    The Travel Management Panel

    Late last year I was lucky enough to participate on a panel at the Global Business Travel Association Houston Symposium (GBTA). The discussion, … more

  • Room Locking

    Tags: Room Locking

    Posted by: Renata Darken

    The Room Locking feature is now available – and it has "Wow Factor"! I think "Wow" because what a difference this makes to the work lives of our SAM users. I’m really impressed that we can now create a Type of Room Lock and then use … more

  • Testimonials

    Tags: Testimonials

    Posted by: Peter Collins

    I have been in sales and marketing for some time and I have never been a big fan of asking for Testimonials. I have always used success stories when they are relevant to the discussion topic and of course, I do like referencing specific examples of … more

  • Software Integration

    Tags: Software Integration

    Posted by: Peter Collins

    The mining sector continues to seek more efficiency from non-mining systems, particularly in areas like accommodation and transport where even small changes can mean big improvements.

    One of the areas that can make a significant difference is the … more

  • New Travel Technology

    Tags: FIFO, Press, Collaboration

    Posted by: Peter Collins

    Osmotion and Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) are delivering a new level of travel management technology for the fly in/fly out (FIFO) workforce.

    The working alliance and systems integration between CWT and Osmotion responds to the need … more

  • Coming Soon

    Tags: Room Locking, Back to Back Room Matching

    Posted by: Renata Darken

    Managing Camp Accommodation with SAM will be even easier with Room Locking and Room Matching.

    Room Locking

    We have been discussing the idea of "room locking" with some customers for quite some time now and I know how valuable this tool will … more

  • Osmotion has joined Austmine

    Tags: Austmine

    Posted by: Peter Collins

    Osmotion is pleased to promote our contribution to the METS sector by joining the progressive and respected Austmine association.

    Austmine is Australia's leading industry association representing the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services … more

  • Afraid of change? Don't be

    Tags: Transport Logistics

    Flight scheduling changes don't have to be scary.

    To undertake major changes to flight scheduling, travel teams can experience a significant drain on their resources. The moves can be very complex and they require forward planning to successfully … more

  • Are You Ready for Christmas?

    Posted by: Peter Collins

    With Christmas fast approaching, are you already thinking of ways to manage your staff returning home and being with their families during the festive period?

    It can be a complex challenge but we can help you figure it out!

    In the past we've … more

  • Recent Outage Response

    On the 29th August, we experienced a major disruption to our hosted service. The outage started at 5pm AEST.

    Infrastructure failures and maintenance outages are not a common occurrence but they do occur and we apologise if the outage caused any … more

  • Optimise Your Accommodation

    Tags: SAM, Room Optimisation

    "Empty rooms are costly but it is hard to ensure they are fully utilised!"

    We hear this quite often….except from the clients who use the SAM tool called the “Room Optimiser” because their rooms are not unnecessarily empty. … more

  • SAM Workforce Management

    Tags: SAM, Workforce Management Software

    So Many Possibilities

    SAM Workforce Management is so much more than just a great tool for the day-to-day management of a mining campsite operation. With its range of fantastic features, such as its extensive reporting … more

  • Release Notes for 6.2.3 Available

    Tags: Release Notes, SRF

    The latest release notes for 6.2.3 are now available in the Osmo Helpdesk.

    Osmotion 6.2.3 Release Notes

    In this release the improvements will matter most to clients on the latest versions of SAM & Workflow.

    In particular there is a … more

  • SRF. Boring Name, Great Reporting!

    Tags: SRF

    Posted by: Andrew Barr

    As many of our customers will know we have never been very creative when naming our products that support SAM & Workflow. Generally, we say what it does and then create an acronym, such as TMS, AFT and specifically SRF! We have always aspired to … more

  • Release Notes 6.2.1 & 6.2.2

    Tags: Release Notes

    Posted by: Peter Collins

    Thanks to a great effort from our team, things are moving quickly at Osmotion. We are pleased to present the last two releases of SAM and Workflow 6.2.1 and 6.2.2.

    As usual the releases consist of new innovations, improvements and fixes. Our … more

  • Recent Outage Response

    Posted by: Judith Morganson

    Last month, between the 11th January and the 24th January we experienced three infrastructure outages.

    In line with our desire to be transparent and to provide as much information to our customers as possible, below we have detailed what happened … more

  • What’s New in SAM 6.2.2

    Tags: SAM

    Posted by: Melissa Kratzmann

    We have some exciting news to share! Our developers have been busy completing this month’s release.  This means we will soon be releasing SAM and Workflow 6.2.2. Most of the work completed for this version is client specific; however … more

  • Help Me Help You!

    Tags: Helpdesk

    Posted by: Peter Collins

    Help Me Help You! A famous line from ‘Jerry Maguire’ and corny, I know, but in this case true.

    Many of you will have heard about the changes we have made to our development cycle over the last 12 months. Andrew has mentioned them … more

  • What's New in SAM 6.2.1

    Tags: SAM

    Posted by: Renata Darken

    Happy 2013 to you all! Osmotion will soon be releasing SAM and Workflow 6.2.1 – there are some handy new features in Workflow that I believe will make life easier for our users.  The bonus is that they are all configurable so you can … more

  • Who is working over Xmas?

    Posted by: Judith Morganson

    My goodness - what a year! Where has it gone? This year has been one big roller coaster ride – with the introduction of the new support team amongst other big achievements. Now the festive season is already here, and I am sure a well-earned … more

  • Release Notes for SAM 6.2.0

    Tags: SAM, Release Notes

    Posted by: Renata Darken

    Osmotion is proud to announce the release of SAM and Workflow 6.2.0. This release includes a number of cool new features as well some improvements and fixes. In my time at Osmotion this release is one of the most exciting! A couple of the highlights … more

  • What's New in SAM 6.2.0

    Tags: SAM

    Posted by: Renata Darken

    Osmotion will soon release SAM 6.2.0 and I thought it would be a good time to let you know about some of the new features which are coming. If one or more of these features takes your fancy please let us know and we can talk about your options … more

  • Stay Up-to-Date!

    Tags: RSS Feed

    You can use Outlook’s built-in RSS Feed support to receive our Blog in Outlook and work with it just like e-mails. It's easy, just follow the steps below.


    1. Right click on the RSS Feeds item in your Outlook folder bar and select Add … more

  • Digs, Help & a Sausage Sizzle

    Tags: Support, Development

    Posted by: Andrew Barr

    I thought I would take the opportunity to share some of the highlights of the last couple of years at Osmotion with our clients (and visitors).

    Senior Team

    The management team has expanded from Chris Woods and Lorne Bonnell to include David … more

  • New website launch

    Posted by: The Osmotion Team

    We are pleased to announce that our new website has officially launched. We have completely redesigned the website with a strong focus on content delivery and interactivity with our clients.

    Our website will become the launching point for many new … more

  • Osmo Communication!

    Posted by: Peter Collins

    We have been working a lot on our client services over recent months!

    It all comes together with our new website. As you go through each tab and channel, you will see the improvement strategies materialise.

    Take a trip through the … more

  • Lets talk Support

    Posted by: Judith Morganson

    Hey guys, in case somebody hasn’t mentioned it to you yet, the last twelve months has been a pretty exciting time at Osmotion – particularly for us "old timers" who have been around for a while! It has been one change and challenge after … more