What’s New in SAM 6.2.2

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Posted by: Melissa Kratzmann

We have some exciting news to share! Our developers have been busy completing this month’s release.  This means we will soon be releasing SAM and Workflow 6.2.2. Most of the work completed for this version is client specific; however there are three new features that are available for your site to start using immediately upon upgrading.

Before I tell you about what we will be releasing in 6.2.2, I want to let you in on a little secret ... we are making a major change to Workflow that is going to pave the way for significant efficiency improvements for all the hard working Travel Teams out there.

I can’t share with you all the details just yet, however, very soon you will have the capability to view a person’s ‘Folio’. The Folio will provide the ability to search on an individual and view all of their pending and processed requests for  their bookings.

The information will be broken down into sections (Travel, Accommodation, Vehicle Hire, Interstate Travel etc) and all appear in one central location! The major benefit for you guys is being able to record all components of a journey in a single location and ensure changes do not impact other 3rd party bookings.

Folio Details

We are very excited about this change and we have big plans for expanding this functionality in the coming releases.

Focusing on Version 6.2.2, let’s take a closer look at the three new features that are being introduced:

Check Room Availability – Allows users to ’Check Room Availability’ from the Workflow Links Menu, as well the Document links set up for each document.

View Itinerary – Allows users to view a person’s itinerary from the Workflow Links Menu.

People viewing this request – A new pop up box will appear if two people are viewing the same request.

Enhanced SMS functionality – Improved reporting and performance.


Check Room Availability

This new feature will allow you to view how many rooms are available for a period of time.  There are two ways this feature can be configured.

Firstly, a user can access the ‘Check Room Availability’ page by accessing it from the main Workflow menu under Links. Secondly this feature can be added to any of your documents as a Document Link and you will access the information via a new window. 

Once you have entered your search criteria, Workflow will return your search results. On your page you will see all the nights you have requested to search on and with that you will see how many rooms are available for that date. This is a great tool for General Users to use to plan their accommodation requests for future dates. This can be particularly helpful for planning shut downs. If a User has restricted CAMP access, they will only be able to view the camp details they have access too. 

View Itinerary

The view itinerary is another great tool for all Users. This feature enables a User the opportunity to view and print itineraries from the main Workflow menu. Using this tool itinerary generation/printing becomes self-service. Freeing up Travel Teams to focus on processing requests.

It’s quite simple to use. All users can access this feature under the Links menu. A search by date range will show a persons Transport and Camp Itinerary. But don’t forget, if a user has restricted permissions on Departments or Camps they will only view the information they have access too.

People viewing this request

To avoid two people inadvertently processing the same Workflow request, when you open a request, the system will now warn you if another user already has the same request open. This check is performed immediately on opening a request and thereafter every 15 seconds by default. If you wish to change this Administrators can set a custom time by going to Configuration | System Settings.

Enhanced SMS Functionality

SAM SMS has been redesigned with enhanced reporting features and more streamlined performance. It now provides recipient-level confirmation of each message sent.

The SMS status column has been enhanced to show more relevant detail.  The new Status values are: Sent, Rejected, Failed and Skipped.  Also a tooltip on the status for failures contains additional information. The additional information is also included in the Excel export (see screen shot below).  

A progress bar has been added to track progress and estimated time to completion (see screen shot below).  

Recipients without a mobile number are now flagged (warning icon to the left), as well as numbers that do not conform to the valid mobile number format. When you export to excel, extraneous rows and columns have been removed.

So keep an eye out for our release notes of these things as they are delivered in 6.2.2 and I look forward to giving you further updates.