What's New in SAM 6.2.1

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Posted by: Renata Darken

Happy 2013 to you all! Osmotion will soon be releasing SAM and Workflow 6.2.1 – there are some handy new features in Workflow that I believe will make life easier for our users.  The bonus is that they are all configurable so you can choose whether you wish to turn them on or not!  If one or more of these features would be of benefit to your site please let us know and we can talk about your options for upgrading.

New Features:

Colour Coding – Allows for colour coding of documents dependent on the Days Away in the Task Panel. This is fully customisable.

Subject – this Task Panel column easily identifies the person (Subject) who the Workflow document has been raised for.

Updated – this Task Panel column identifies when a Workflow document was last modified or had an action taken.

Workflow Groups – allows you to group people together in a Workflow User Group, which will send an email to the Group Email, not their User Profile Email address.

Hyperlinks within Workflow documents – the existing Menu Links functionality has been extended to allow for adding links to specific documents.  This makes it easier to access necessary external links.

Colour Coding
The Task Panel now allows colour coding of documents dependent on the number of days away till the request is due.   Colour coding makes it easier to identify the priority of Document processing.  The colours and days are fully configurable which means that if you wanted a different colour scheme than the default you can modify this to suit your sites requirements. 

The new look Task Panel

Colour Coded Task Panel

Colour Coding the Days Away

Configure Days Away

Colour Coding
This new feature in Workflow allows you to easily identify who the request has been raised for.  For example if a Site Travel request has been raised for Renata Darken you will see that name in the Subject Column on the Task Panel.  If a Generic Request has been raised the requestors name will appear in the Subject Column.  When doing an Advanced Search you can now search on the Subject along with the other search fields. When granting Workflow user accounts you can give people the option to View only the requests that have been raised in their name as the Subject of the request. 

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Workflow User Roles

User Roles

This Task Panel column shows you when a request has been modified.  It shows you the time and date that the request has had a change made to the document.  If I view the document and do not make a change there will be no update to the time/date stamp however if I do make a change to say a date or a transport and save or approve the request – the time/date stamp will be updated in the task panel.
This functionality has been implemented for the core document types and will be rolled out across all documents as required.

Colour Coded Task Panel

 Workflow Groups
This functionality alleviates the problems that occur when an approver or requestor goes on RnR and their back to back is unable to receive the emails sent to the original approver or requestor.   Essentially the Group Email functionality overwrites the individual email address and sends all notifications for all group members to the nominated email address in the group – typically a group mailbox.

Group Mailbox

Hyperlinks with Workflow Documents
Workflow now allows you to add links within a Document type rather than only having the links in either the Configuration or Links menu options within Workflow.  You can choose to have the hyperlink in the Configuration or Links menus. You can also add links on a selected Document (If configured) or choose any combination of these options.


These are the first of Osmotion's exciting improvements to SAM and Workflow that are planned for 2013 – I hope that you will be able to use one or more options from this new functionality. 

I’m really looking forward to working with you throughout 2013.




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