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Posted by: Renata Darken

Osmotion will soon release SAM 6.2.0 and I thought it would be a good time to let you know about some of the new features which are coming. If one or more of these features takes your fancy please let us know and we can talk about your options for upgrading.

New Features

Completion Dates – you will now able to add these on selected People Types and then add the completion date to a person’s profile. This is a great feature, especially for managing contractors and their future bookings.

Queued Bookings – this screen has been updated with additional information of a persons Employer.

Emergency Management – for cyclones and other emergencies, it allows us to quickly and easily get people off and on site during an emergency.

SMS – send Text messages to people in bulk from SAM.


Completion Dates
You will be able to put these on people’s profiles when they are on a fixed contract. SAM will ensure that no bookings are created in the system for this person after the completion date whether manually (Apart from Administrators) or via the Night Audit Job which extends peoples rosters. This ensures that you can better manage Visitors and Contractors.


Along with this, you can use the Multi Complete function to complete or extend completion dates for multiple people at one time. This is particularly useful if you have a company whose contract end date is extended or finishes early. You can select people against their employer and extend all accounts at one time. It’s a great time saving function. Locate the required people. Enter the Completion Date, Termination Type and any additional comments such as Contract Extended.


Queued Bookings
The Queued Bookings screen has been updated to include the persons Employer details. This is useful for identifying that you have selected the correct person.


Emergency Management
To move away from managing emergencies such as Cyclones via spreadsheets, Osmotion has developed an Emergency Management system in SAM. This allows you to rank people in order of priority for evacuation. If people are needed on site during the evacuation we can also group rooms by their rank as to their suitability for the emergency. This means that during the emergency you can accommodate the required people in the most secure and suitable rooms available.

Once the emergency is over you are then able to repatriate people in the correct order to get the site back up and running quickly and smoothly. This is done by adding a repatriation rank to each person’s profile. This way SAM can make the decisions for you alleviating some of the stress of an emergency.


SAM Administrators will now have the capability to send SMS Text messages. The person must have their mobile phone number listed on their profile. You select the people from either a people search, on-site search or manifest search. Once all of the required people have been selected the message can be entered and sent. You can send Text’s to up to 50 people at one time. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy and Safe Festive Season – it has been a great pleasure working with you this year and I’m looking forward to chatting again soon.



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