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So Many Possibilities

SAM Workforce Management is so much more than just a great tool for the day-to-day management of a mining campsite operation. With its range of fantastic features, such as its extensive reporting capabilities, SAM is a great asset to all the departments involved in running a remote mine site operation including campsite administrators, travel and accommodation coordinators, business managers, human resources, finance and IT support.

With SAM, there really are so many possibilities as to what you can do! So if you thought SAM was just a great tool for campsite management, here are some things you might not know.


Human Resources

SAM is a great tool to assist the human resources (HR) department. As personal information is stored within an individual’s profile there are a number of reports the HR team can easily run from SAM. For example, they can run reports to see who needs to be drug and alcohol tested, who needs induction training, or even reports that illustrate the diversity of a workforce.

HR can also implement their fatigue management guidelines through SAM. They simply instruct the campsite administrators to enter specific ‘rules’ into SAM and then SAM will automatically adhere to these rules when creating travel and accommodation bookings, and also shift patterns for an individual.


Strategic Decision Making

Not just a great tool to assist with the day-to-day management of a campsite, SAM can also provide great insight for business managers with their strategic decision-making. There are a number of reports that can be ran from SAM that will provide the data and intelligence to make informed and effective strategic decisions.



Another team who will love the reporting capabilities within SAM is the finance team.

Individuals are allocated a department code and cost code within their profile when it is first created. This means at the end of each month, finance can run simple reports to ascertain aspects of the campsite’s spending for that particular month. This ensures transparency and due diligence with a campsite’s financial management.


Scheduled Reporting

A terrific and relatively new function is our Scheduled Reporting Framework (SRF). SRF allows clients to schedule specific reports so they automatically run at a specific time and date and are sent to nominated email addresses—taking the effort out of reporting.

SAM has come a long way since it’s early days, no longer just a campsite management tool, SAM is now a holistic workforce management solution that helps organisations run their remote mine site operations more effeciently.

If you aren’t too sure if you’re utilising SAM as best you can, please contact Peter Collins, Business Development Manager, who can run you through all the possibilities available within SAM.

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