Optimise Your Accommodation

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Room Optimiser

"Empty rooms are costly but it is hard to ensure they are fully utilised!"

We hear this quite often….except from the clients who use the SAM tool called the “Room Optimiser” because their rooms are not unnecessarily empty.

Ensuring site rooms are being fully utilised is a complex task and when accommodation is tight, hours are spent scratching heads and pulling hair out trying to get workers in rooms. 

So Osmotion developed the "Room Optimiser" to automatically shuffle rooms and create the best combination of bookings for you.

This is what we do! Our job is to take away complexity, automate time consuming tasks and keep delivering features that will drive costs out of Workforce Management.

Clients have reported that they were able to find more than 50 additional rooms that were not free, until the Room Optimiser was turned on to do the shuffling!   

You can read more about how it works by clicking on the Room Optimisation Whitepaper.

That’s what we do at Osmotion..... make life easier.





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