Lets talk Support

Posted by: Judith Morganson

Hey guys, in case somebody hasn’t mentioned it to you yet, the last twelve months has been a pretty exciting time at Osmotion – particularly for us "old timers" who have been around for a while! It has been one change and challenge after the next!

These changes have meant that we (the support team) have worked on how we can do things better, which means we have had more fun at work than ever before! What started as a serious project, ended up with us having a blast, playing around with different tools and functions such as Live Chat and Screen Casting (Videos).

The guys have been having an obscene amount of fun screen casting and making videos. I can guarantee you will start to see more videos in your support responses, as they introduce you to the new screen casting functions.

The other really big and exciting news is that our support team has grown and we welcome Danielle, Alex and Jodie. With these guys coming on board, we have been able to make the support desk 24/7 in the truest sense! I will introduce you to them in more detail very soon but they will be assisting you with your support calls and if you need help you can have a chat to them - using our new Live Chat facilities!

We hope that you will find these changes as exciting as we do. We will be calling everybody over the next week or so to run through them. We look forward to catching up!

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