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Posted by: Andrew Barr

I thought I would take the opportunity to share some of the highlights of the last couple of years at Osmotion with our clients (and visitors).

Senior Team

The management team has expanded from Chris Woods and Lorne Bonnell to include David Bonnell and myself. The expansion of the senior management team has provided some relief for Chris and Lorne and boosted the expertise available across Osmotion.

In addition to the management team we have added Peter Collins as Business Development Manager, Shane Fitch and David Bailey as senior technical leads and as always Judith Morganson is still playing a pivotal role in how we support our clients.

Personally, since joining Osmotion I have had a great time, learnt an enormous amount, lost some more hair and probably aged 3 years for every calendar year but overall wouldn’t change anything.

Help (Support)

The changes in Training and Support are something that we are very proud of at Osmotion. Two years ago we recognised that our clients were relying on our software more and more and that it was important to have world-class support and training services to match our clients expectations.

While at the outset we knew what the goals were (Online training modules, 24 hour support, on-call level 2 support, online knowledge base etc), introducing the cultural change, finding the people, adding the infrastructure and building up the skills required has been a huge challenge.

All of the planning, effort and resourcing that has happened over the last two years came to fruition in September with the introduction of 24 hour support. It has been a soft launch but since the 10th September we have had at least one of our great support team available for our clients around the clock.

I encourage you to head over to the Support page and check out the details, however Peter and Jude will be posting more about support and training in the coming weeks.

A Big Move

We finally moved into our own building this year. We have been planning this for nearly 2 years and June this year we finally made the move.

It has been very exiting for us as an organisation and provides access to much needed space for our team.

We also plan to have an office opening party, but as always the challenge is having everyone in the same place at the same time. We will post more about our new digs and our party in the future.

Single Stream Development

Another big change is a move to a single stream of development. As our customer base has grown so has the number of concurrent projects and products. The result has been that complexity has grown and so has the time it takes to design and develop a change, merge the code, test the change, perform regression testing, update documentation, release to Trainers, update support information ... you get the picture.

We identified some time ago that a more efficient way of working would be to have many projects in a single stream of development with regular smaller releases. This has a number of benefits for Osmotion and our clients, including but not limited to increased efficiency, faster release time and an increase in automation.

This has been an enormous change for our development, testing and support teams and we are looking forward to seeing the changes translate into a superior experience for everyone.

Overall our goal this year has been to identify the areas where we can do better, come up with a solution and then implement that solution in a controlled and planned way. We know there are still things to do and we look forward to sharing our plans with you more often.

If you would like to discuss any of these changes or talk about your experience with Osmotion please feel free to contact me directly.


Andrew Barr
General Manager


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