Are You Ready for Christmas?

Posted by: Peter Collins

Christmas is coming... Are you ready?

With Christmas fast approaching, are you already thinking of ways to manage your staff returning home
and being with their families during the festive period?

It can be a complex challenge but we can help you figure it out!

In the past we've helped our clients manage the bulk suspension of rosters, allowing staff members to
return home during the Christmas period and enabling a quick return to 'business as usual'.

In addition to providing our clients with superior software solutions for workforce management, Osmotion also offers expert advice by utilising our product knowledge with your workforce data to help you make strategic decisions and run your campsite more efficiently.

An example of this is when we helped a client manage the movement of over 2,500 people on ad hoc mid-swing trips to return to their families during the Christmas break. This was done with minimal disruptions. Furthermore, as requested by the client, we were able to ensure an employee’s room was retained when leaving mid-swing—removing the need for gear management/lockers and out of band room cleans. It also ensured business returned to usual as quickly as possible upon employees returning from seeing their families.

If you’d like to read more about how we did this, please click here to read the whitepaper.

Or if you’d like to know how Osmotion could help you plan for the Christmas period, please contact me
on 0408 878 214 or

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