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JAN 2014 - DEC 2014

Feature Spotlight

Here is a showcase of new features that have been released during 2014

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SAM Room Locking 6.2.20 - 30 Apr 2014

Locking rooms for maintenance
Locking rooms for maintenance

The purpose of the Room Locking functionality is to allow users to block off specific rooms for specific periods of time. This ensures that the room cannot be used for a booking for during the specified time period. There are many reasons for which a room may need to be taken offline. For instance:

  • Long term maintenance
  • Belongings left in rooms
  • Room Holds

This feature makes it much easier to manage room bookings and reduces the complexity of reshuffling future bookings.

Workflow: Task Bar Tool Tip to show Bookings and Latest Comments 6.2.21 - 27 May 2014

Last Comment shown on the Task Panel
Last Comment shown on the Task Panel

The Home page of the Workflow Application (the Task Panel) lists all of the Site Travel Requests that are progressing through the approval process. To increase the speed of checking the current status, you can simply hover over a pending request to see what the last comment was and who updated it. This snap shot look at information saves time and improves the user experience.

Bulk Room Type Changes 6.2.22 - 24 Jun 2014

Confirmed Room Changes
Confirmed Room Changes

Rooms at a Village are typically identified as a "Room type". Particular Employees, Contractors or Visitors may be assigned a specific room type. Often when Room Type descriptions change, it is applied to hundreds of rooms. So to save time and to be more efficient with your room data management, we have developed Bulk Change functionality. Any number of "Permanent Employee Rooms" can become "Contractor" rooms in a few short steps.

Workflow KPI Reports 6.2.23 - 21 Jul 2014

Clients have been able to draw on the reporting capability of Workflow data, to get an insight into the travel request processes and performance. Who is always rescheduling? How often do we receive late notice requests? What is the request to approval turn-around time? Workflow KPI reports can provide some real facts to help identify bottlenecks and maximise efficiency.

SRF graduates from Beta! 6.2.24 - 19 Aug 2014

Osmotion Scheduled Reporting Framework (SRF)
Osmotion Scheduled Reporting Framework (SRF)

Through the year we have been investing in the Workforce Reporting Capability. A key proposition to our clients is that we can provide the data to help make strategic decisions about your assets and Workforce Logistics.

Our Development team has been investing in the underpinning technology for more effective and efficient report delivery from SAM and Workflow. This technology is called the SRF (Scheduled Reporting Framework) and this enables us to quickly turn around report requests, and give clients the statistics they need. It means we do not have to change hard code in the products, just extract the data from them. What's more, the report can be generated automatically and scheduled to be emailed to chosen recipients at the set schedule.

New reports are developed by Osmotion as an ongoing Service. In 2014 we produced another 48 new reports to add to the stock off over 200. We have been constantly building capability for users to self manage the report scheduling and in August this year we promoted the tool from "Beta" to "Go For It".

Improvements don't stop there and we are excited about what's on the Roadmap for Workforce Reporting.

Report on People Offsite Without Future Bookings 6.2.22 - 24 Jun 2014

People offsite for 60 Days
People offsite for 60 Days

A popular Report is "People Offsite without future bookings". This really helps administrators keep on top of their Workforce Data and is praised by those charged with Data Cleansing!